What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Remedies

What is Feng Shui?

This is a question I am asked regularly, and typically it is followed by a comment such as  “You have to move your furniture or something don’t you?”

Now there are many schools of Feng Shui, and they can all indeed work, however in its basic form, Feng Shui is the use of elements to balance the energies in a space to create balance, harmony, prosperity and abundance.

With Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui which is the school of Feng Shui Harmonising Energies practice, we look at each home and balance accordingly to what that particular space needs. Each home is individual, and will not be based on the elements on the  generic bagua map that is used in other schools.

But why do we need Feng Shui?

Simply put – balance. 

And how do you know if you need to balance your home? It is important to everyone, but the best indication is that your life in some way will be pretty chaotic and you can’t seem to catch a break.

Flat tyres, late for appointments, can’t think of what to cook for dinner, missed the kids sports day, reminder notice for that bill you swore you paid, washing not done, inability to put your needs first, no sleep, unexplained injuries, sniping at your partner. It’s all a symptom of stress, and your day to day not functioning how it should.

So, what is the answer? Well, in my own experience, Feng Shui and in particular Classical Flying Stars can help.

Will Feng Shui fix everything in my life?

In short, no it’s not a magical cure. However, it will give you the space to assist you in discovering what is not working for you, the why, and ease you through making changes.

There have been so many things I have had to deal with during my Feng Shui journey including major health concerns, and divorce. But I know if I hadn’t had my home supporting me, I would have been the corner rocking with despair.

So If I decide to do this, will the changes be instant?

The answer to this is ‘It depends”. There are a number of factors to consider.

The first thing you need to answer is how quickly you plan on implementing. Those who never do all the things may see some benefit and change, but we really can’t guarantee.

Those who are like a dog with a bone, and get everything done in a weekend, may see results instantly. One of my clients within minutes of placing a remedy received a call about a refund that they were not expecting due to cancellation clauses. Another within 24 hours received a call from their accountant and were provided with the news that they were going to get a $160,000 payrise.

One other client within 2 weeks of implementation was contacted by an influencer out of the blue and ended up booked out for months.

Should you run out and get a lottery ticket? Well I mean, you could, but no, probably not. If that was the case, I would not be writing this, instead I would be living the life on a beach in Bali, but I digress. What it will do however is make receiving money that much easier.

Maybe you have money and are wanting help with relationships. Some quick advice I provided one person saw them find their person within 2 weeks after being single and looking for a number of years!.

Adjusting the energy in your home is key to balance in life.

Even if you think things are going well, wouldn’t you like them to be the best they can be?

You can arrange a complimentary chat with me at a time that is convenient to you in order to discuss what the Feng Shui process could look like for you by clicking here.

Suzanne Butler is the Director of Harmonising Energies Feng Shui, and she specialises in helping female solopreneurs get the best out of their homes to encourage balance, joy and harmony and subsequent increase in revenue.

She can be contacted by email here or if you want to know about working with Suzanne, check out The Abundance Blueprint

Hi, I’m Suzanne

Feng Shui has completely changed my life, and provided me with opportunities I couldn’t possibly have imagined. 

I would love to share the magic with you and watch your life completely transform.

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