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Speaker Topics

  • Creating a harmonious & balanced home
  • Increasing business income
  • Life after Domestic Violence
  • Investing in Property
  • Manifesting the life you desire


  • Creating your dream life
  • How to unlock love in your home

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About Suzanne

After 25 years of corporate life spanning a number of different industries, Suzanne found her true passion and calling. Immersing herself in Feng Shui consultancy after achieving some incredible results personally and with her clients.

As an expert in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui, Suzanne has the ability and knowledge to transform the way a home supports its occupants in a practical way, moving them from potentially dire straits to complete harmony with abundance, prosperity & wellbeing to go with it.

Suzanne’s experience with Domestic Violence and childhood trauma left her determined to develop a more positive mindset. By taking full responsibility for her part in negative events through her life, she has been able to heal numerous stumbling blocks to be living her dream life.

Suzanne now speaks on manifestation, & creating a life you want with intention & goal setting, and an abundance of transformative Feng Shui tips.

Suzanne works with female solopreneurs who whilst are somewhat successful in their business, could use a helping hand to have their home support any and every endeavour they wish to attempt.

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Endless Possibilities

Key note addresses

As a seasoned Feng Shui and manifestation expert, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transforming lives through the art of energy alignment.

With years of experience, I have witnessed the profound impact that Feng Shui principles and manifestation techniques can have on individuals and businesses alike.

My expertise lies in demystifying these ancient practices and making them accessible to modern audiences. I am enthusiastic about sharing the secrets to success, harmony, and abundance through engaging keynote addresses.

Whether you’re a corporation looking to enhance workplace productivity or an audience seeking personal growth and positive change, I am available to inspire and guide you on your journey to harnessing the power of Feng Shui and manifestation for lasting success


As a dedicated expert in life design, vision boarding, and the transformative power of Feng Shui, I’m passionate about helping individuals and groups manifest their dreams and create a life filled with purpose, love, and success. With extensive experience in facilitating workshops, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of combining vision boarding and goal setting to turn aspirations into reality.

My workshops are dynamic, hands-on experiences where participants learn how to craft compelling visions for their lives and set actionable goals to achieve them.

Additionally, I specialize in guiding individuals on how to harness the energy of their home to attract love and meaningful relationships.

If you’re looking to inspire and empower your workforce or clients with practical tools for personal growth and love, I am available to lead engaging and transformative workshops that will leave participants motivated and equipped to design their dream lives

Information Sessions

As an accomplished Feng Shui expert, I am excited to offer engaging and informative ‘Introduction to Feng Shui’ sessions. With years of dedicated study and practice in this ancient art, I have gained profound insights into the ways Feng Shui can transform lives.

My introductory sessions provide a comprehensive and accessible entry point for individuals and groups looking to harness the power of Feng Shui to improve their well-being and environments.

Participants can expect to gain a foundational understanding of key Feng Shui principles, including how to create harmonious spaces, enhance energy flow, and tap into the positive influences of their surroundings.

Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or seeking to deepen your knowledge, my sessions are designed to inspire and empower, setting you on a path towards greater balance and prosperity.

Mastermind and Podcast appearances

As a seasoned expert in the realm of Feng Shui, I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and insights with wider audiences through podcasts, webinars, and mastermind groups.

With years of dedicated study and practical experience in this ancient art, I have honed my understanding of Feng Shui’s transformative potential.

I am readily available to participate in podcast interviews, where I can discuss the practical applications of Feng Shui for improving various aspects of life, including personal growth, wellness, and productivity.

In webinars, I offer engaging and informative sessions on harnessing the power of Feng Shui to create harmonious living and working environments.

Additionally, I am a valuable resource for mastermind groups seeking to incorporate Feng Shui principles into their personal and professional development journeys. My aim is to inspire and empower audiences with practical tools and ancient wisdom to enhance their lives and achieve their goals.

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