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VIP Abundance Mentorship

For those who want quick inspired action and results

You are a woman who knows things need to be adjusted, and you want it done quickly

You don’t have time to faff around. 

You want to see the magic work as quickly as possible

You don’t want another program that will give you a step by step instruction, you want to be walked through it, and you want to be able to ask questions as they come, not in a group once a week.

Yup, I get it. Your plate is full. You want change but there are so many other things going on, that you just want to get it done!


Introducing the VIP Abundance Mentorship.


This is the program that will have you making quick adjustments that will start activating results within days not months.  Allowing you to put your attention into the areas of your life you know need additional support without compromising anything else.


Picture this

Imagine walking into a home that just felt soft and welcoming all the time.

Imagine having the space to filter and work through any number of challenges with ease

Imagine having harmony and connection between you and all your relationships on a daily basis

Imagine a home that does not gather clutter in every corner

Imagine a home that supports you in all business and career matters.

Sounds too good to be true right?


It’s time to turn your home into an harmonious oasis & money magnet!

I work with solopreneurial women to remove their  environmental wealth blocks to achieve greater sales, income, business success and a harmonious day to day life


My Story – Why Feng Shui?

What are you getting?

What’s inside?

Start up Zoom Onboarding Session 60mins

-Valued at $300

2 x in home visits

Valued at $1200

Zoom call 6 months after implementation

Valued at $300

30 min check in after 6 months

Valued at $197

3 months direct access to me via WhatsApp

Valued at $700

Welcome gift from me to get you started on your Feng Shui Journey

-valued at $30

Your home sound cleared and saged (valued at $497)

Lifetime Access to The Abundance Blueprint

Self paced Feng Shui implementation course

-valued at $1,500

2nd Report for 2024

Design your life workshop

Get clear on your dreams so you can turn them into reality.  Obtain clarity on what you want your life to look like

-valued at $197

Feng Shui Love Nest

A guide to setting up your bedroom to enhance your current relationship or bring in a new one

-valued at $297

Energetic Space Clearing

A quick start guide to clear your space of negative energies so you have space to bring in the positive (how to video and pdf guide)

-valued at $297

The Abundance Epicenter

How to set up your home office for success

-valued at $297

Gratitude is my Attitude

A 3 month guided journal and planner to build good habits that manifest abundance, thankfulness and happiness

-valued at $25

Your Artwork is your life

A guide to selecting artwork and decor that’s going to support yourlife, not hinder it

-valued at $97

Decluttering checklist

-valued at $47

Access to my private Facebook community to ask all the questions you could possibly have

$50 Discount to attend my Finding You Retreat in Bali in July 2024

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If you’re ready to start creating change in your life and you’re sick of playing small then now is the time to come and join me and other women just like you in the Abundance Blueprint and start living your first class life!

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