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The Abundance Blueprint

From chaos to ease for any stage of your business or life journey to master your infinite potential

Are you standing at a crossroads knowing something needs to change yet unsure of what or how?

Whether it be business, your romantic life or your home, the ancient practice of Feng Shui can help you achieve your goals.

Imagine your business being a money making machine that supports you and your family

Imagine making your mind and home a joyful place to be

Imagine having harmony and connecting between you and all your relationships on a daily basis

It’s time to turn your home into a money magnet.

I help women achieve greater business & career success with more ease, even if your business is in the throes of chaos, or I’ll give you your money back


My Story – Why Feng Shui?

My Five Step Process

1. Identifying Current Life Situations.

This stage is identifying life’s current limiters that are holding you back.

Having an understanding of the ‘What” enables us to tackle it head on with Feng Shui solutions.

Once identified, we can then proceed to understand why you’re having problems in the first place with the science of Feng Shui, specific calculations and an energetic assessment of your home.

2. Energetic Home Assessment

The house itself is considered to have a significant impact on the energy within it.

The blueprint or map of the home shows its structure, including where the doors face, the location of rooms, kitchens, and toilets, and other features.

This is referred to as “Earth Luck” in Feng Shui.

Considering these elements with the application of Feng shui and it’s principles, we will analyse the blueprint of the house to determine the energy within it and identify any areas that may be affecting the occupants of the house positively or negatively.

3. Feng Shui Calculations & Remedies

Once we take into account the placement and energy of the home, alignment is created with remedies catered to each individual home.

Utilising the specific Feng Shui calculations, we can also identify certain areas that one could tap into that can help activate certain opportunities for wealth, love or family.

At this point, you will receive your personalised Feng Shui Home Report which will provide you with all the remedies and instructions on how to put them in place.

4. Manifestation Magic

This step is truly where things start to come together very quickly.

Once the home is balanced, we can then supercharge results.

Using my tried and tested manifestation techniques, we can speed up certain desired goals & aspiration, outcomes, you will start to wonder why you didn’t apply Feng Shui a long time ago!

5. Magical Outcome/Results

When all steps are completed, the desired magical outcome/results can manifest into reality.

But we don’t stop here. You have a full 12 months to access my expertise to continue working through things that will come up in your life, creating a life you previously could only have dreamed of.

I can’t wait to see what you achieve and bring into reality.

What are you getting?

What’s inside?

Lifetime Access to The Abundance Blueprint

Self paced Feng Shui implementation course

-valued at $1,500

2nd Report for 2024

Design your life workshop

Get clear on your dreams so you can turn them into reality.  Obtain clarity on what you want your life to look like

-valued at $197

Feng Shui Love Nest

A guide to setting up your bedroom to enhance your current relationship or bring in a new one

-valued at $297

Energetic Space Clearing

A quick start guide to clear your space of negative energies so you have space to bring in the positive (how to video and pdf guide)

-valued at $297

The Abundance Epicenter

How to set up your home office for success

-valued at $297

Gratitude is my Attitude

A 3 month guided journal and planner to build good habits that manifest abundance, thankfulness and happiness

-valued at $25

Your Artwork is your life

A guide to selecting artwork and decor that’s going to support yourlife, not hinder it

-valued at $97

Decluttering checklist

-valued at $47

Access to my private Facebook community to ask all the questions you could possibly have

$50 Discount to attend my Finding You Retreat in Bali in July 2024

Welcome gift from me to get you started on your Feng Shui Journey

-valued at $30

30 min check in call after remedies are installed

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