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Celebrating!!! I have received my entire abundance cheque that I asked for! Between selling on marketplace and an unexpected lump sum…I’ve reached my number!  Must admit I was a little hesitant to write down the number, but it’s happened!!! Holy Moly ladies!

Lauren Prideaux

After participating in the latest manifestation challenge and having a 30min consult with Suzanne Butler today, I have been super busy decluttering, rearranging and manifesing some life magic! Two weeks ago, this was our dumping ground/storage room with little space to move – this afternoon it became my new office laughing Being my south east corner, I still have some work to do but here is a picture of the start of my progress…After 10minutes of setting my new desk up – the magic started! A large job to schedule for a new client, an email to proceed on another and a notification from AGL that our electricity bill was incorrectly calculated so we have some monehy this month! Cannot wait to see the magic unfold! ​

Michelle-Lee Shaw

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