3 day live training

18th, 19th & 20th September

Daily Live Zoom @ 2pm AEST

Map Your Home for Success

Running a business is hard. Juggling everything from finances, cash flow, staffing, social media, clients…

But then on top of that you have the every day to contend with. Kids, partner, laundry, grocery shopping, sport… It’s no wonder you crave balance.

There is a way that you can create this. And it starts with your home.

Using the laws of the ancient art of feng shui, we can successfully bring your home into balance which will have a knock on effect to the rest of your life, including your business!

For only $47, join my 3 day live training where you will learn this and more!


What to expect?

Over 3 days I will teach you:

How to map out your home

The basis of any Feng Shui Consult is the Bagua Map. How to successfully apply it to your own home is where the magic starts. There are intricacies that are never shown in anything you will find online. We are about to blow them open

Identify the Blocks

Things not going to plan in your relationship? Perhaps your South West needs some work. Consistent illness? Let’s identify what area could be affecting it. By getting clear on your home, and it’s power centres we can sort out any matter of problems.

Action Plan

Take away a full action plan of what you need to do to create intentional balance in your home. Including bedroom & office set up

7 days Access

From the time of purchase, until 7 days post event, be given access to my private community where you will be able to ask as many specific questions as you like for your specific home. This is more valuable than any google search!

Get to to the bottom of what is not working for you & your family

Who is it for?

This is a Must Attend if…


You really don’t know what else to try.  Life is just getting more and more complicated! No amount of coaching is helping the rest of your life to manage itself.


Your business is going well but you don’t know how long you can keep it up for. It’s all well and good that you are earning money, but if you can’t catch a break anywhere else, sustaining the success is not looking great.

It’s time to bust the myths and bring in things that will actually help


You are intriuiged at how applying Feng Shui to your life could help. You have heard things, but confusion has gotten in the way. Googling has only given you 15 different answers and you gave up.


What people say

Huge shoutout to Suzanne for her incredible expertise and guidance! We thought we had everything right, but curveballs kept coming our way, and things weren’t quite aligning as we hoped. That’s when we reached out to Suzanne, and it made ALL the difference!



I have been a client of Suzanne’s for about 3 years and have finally gotten around to moving the office around.

Yesterday we stopped facing East and today have had an unexpected payrise of $160,000! Thank You!



My son ran out yelling “Mum, Mum, the Feng Shui Is working!”

When I asked what he meant, he said

“Well, we are all in the Lounge talking and we never do that”


bali retreat
Freebie alert

Join me, and get a bonus!

Setting your office up for success is a must. With my Feng Shui for Office guide, it is going to help blow your competition out of the water!

Your personal guide

A note from Suzanne…

When I first dove into the world of Feng Shui, I was broke, sick, and running 3 businesses.

Money was sailing out the door like water through your fingers, and it seriously felt like everything in my life was falling apart. i could not get ahead.

Nearly instantly, upon implementing my specific remedies, things started to change.

Nothing I do is by chance. I believe that the universe will always provide to our greater good, and Feng Shui certainly gets you there a lot quicker.

So I invite you to join me for these 3 days and see what positive changes you can implement in your life.